You Said “Yes!”

By: Jacqui

You said “Yes!” and now the world
Has cause for joyous celebration
You said “Yes!” and so humanity
Is the recipient of God’s salvation.

The Angel Of The Lord, to you appeared
As the bearer of Almighty God’s Grace
You said “Yes!” and gave the Son
Of God to the human race.

You said “Yes!” without a . . . → Read More: You Said “Yes!”

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The Inner Child – Oct. 12, Children’s Day in Brazil

By:     Sandra Galeotti

    I cannot help being myself, even when it is embarrassing. As a child, I was a complex individual, but aunts, uncles, grand parents, parents (and pets)  have always been the target of unexpected kisses and hugs around the dinner table, or while reading aloud some chapter of a book of my choice, or just passing . . . → Read More: The Inner Child – Oct. 12, Children’s Day in Brazil

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Amazing Strength – Our Lady

By: Jacqui

It’s only the very strong
That can WITHSTAND repaying wrong with wrong.
There is only one human I know of,
Who besides the Saviour, this ability did show of.

In my teenage years, I had the impression
The strength of a woman was in her aggression.
Newton’s Third Law, I applied in my life exactly,
To every action I reacted sharply.

At . . . → Read More: Amazing Strength – Our Lady

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Family Dynamics & Quality Relationships

By: Sandra

Apparently, genuinely harmonious relationships between siblings or between children and parents are not a common feature in families, even in those families which are not dysfunctional by definition. Why is it so?  The modern explanation is that we work too much, have a tight daily agenda and stressful life styles, always under all sorts of . . . → Read More: Family Dynamics & Quality Relationships

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What is Love?

By: Sandra

I’m pretty sure that most of us pass through life completely misguided about what love can possibly be. Literature and dramaturgy have misled us into believing that love is a sort of blind, irresistible force of attraction between two individuals that, more often than not, leads to tragedy, disappointment and pain, with a few cases . . . → Read More: What is Love?

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Popular 1910 Tarot Deck Copyright Status

We have received a number of emails over the years from many of our members regarding the copyright status of our “Popular 1910 Deck”.  To this day we still maintain that Popular 1910 Deck images are in fact in the public domain.  In October of 2009 we were contacted by US Games Systems Inc. about this . . . → Read More: Popular 1910 Tarot Deck Copyright Status

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Before Birth

By: Bobbie Samuels
(From her book about past lives)

It was my turn and the hooded elder pointed his gnarled finger at me.  I yawned while waking up from a sound sleep and didn’t want to be bothered.  Suddenly, the door opened in my crystal enclosure and as I peeked out, I could see other people waiting in . . . → Read More: Before Birth

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Balancing Your Health

By: Julie Melby

I have worked with Health and Nutrition for several years now.  It is no longer a belief, it is now backed by science!   Our bodies were designed to digest foods that are not processed foods, but real foods.  And now our soils are also depleted of certain nutrients, therefore because we dont take . . . → Read More: Balancing Your Health

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Our Lady of Light: Apparitions of Mary at Zeitoun, Egypt


In 1968 in Egypt, Our Lady, Mary Mother of God, appeared in Zeitoun, a suburb of Cairo, Egypt, atop St. Mary’s Coptic Church.  This church is dedicated to the Holy Family, which by tradition is known as the place where the Holy Family rested on their escape from King Herod. 

The Coptic Church celebrates 32 feast days . . . → Read More: Our Lady of Light: Apparitions of Mary at Zeitoun, Egypt

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Your Book of Life

By: Carole J. Obley

Many years ago, when I began my study of metaphysics, I was attracted to the life and readings of Edgar Cayce, famous American seer and healer of the early 20th century. In his readings, Cayce made frequent references to what he called the Book of Life- energetic records of an individual’s every . . . → Read More: Your Book of Life

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