God Is Fact

By: Jacqui

Be it applied or theo-reti-cal
The physical, the biological and the chemical
All disciplines of science give full evidence
Unmatched in magnificence, is God’s intelligence¬†

Research on the hosts of plants and animals
Uni-celled micro-organisms to complex celled mammals
These studies by biological scientists world-wide endorse
Such attention to detail while creating can only be God’s.

Astronomy, the study of the universe, its planets and stars
Pushes out the boundaries around God, oh so very far
God is the Architect, of a universe that is still much unexplored
A marvel from the Creator, its awesomeness has me floored.

The secrets of this grand creation is revealed piece-meal
At the pace and time when it is right, God feels
Through the various scientific discoveries over the ages
The proof of God you’ll find in those note book pages.

So by what science has discovered, I have concluded
And there’s no scope for my being deluded
I say with firm belief and conviction
God is FACT not fiction.

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1 comment to God Is Fact

  • mruiz

    I wholeheartdely agree!!!

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