Your Book of Life

By: Carole J. Obley

Many years ago, when I began my study of metaphysics, I was attracted to the life and readings of Edgar Cayce, famous American seer and healer of the early 20th century. In his readings, Cayce made frequent references to what he called the Book of Life- energetic records of an individual’s every thought, word and action throughout time. These soul imprints are also called the Akashic Records (from Sanskrit- “sky, space and ether”) by ancient and modern mystics. The records contain the total of the universal experience- humans included- encoded in a non-physical plane of existence- the ethers. Cayce asserted that we write our own book, which is composed from the expressions of both our personality and soul. Past, present and probable future events are contained within the records. When Cayce entered trance to give readings, he accessed the records to retrieve information about individuals, most of who lived hundreds of miles from where Cayce was in Virginia Beach. He did this by being given the name only of the person he was reading. Volumes of information- most of it healing in nature- was given to thousands of people by Cayce’s psychic visits to the records.

Functioning like a giant tape recorder- with never-ending spools of tape- the records can be accessed and read by entering the subconscious mind through meditation, regression and hypnosis. When we pass into spirit, we are shown a life-review from our book and shown the implications of our choices- how they affected us and others. We can then make determinations on how well we did in the classroom of earth. Our blueprints- designs and lessons intended for life made before each incarnation- are also contained within our book.   

In my early experiences as a medium, I became aware of the records when I sat with people who were not the least bit interested in obtaining information from their book; they wanted to know about the future and more practical matters like careers and money. Yet slightly above these clients’ right shoulder were scenes, images and feeling impressions that seemed to be related to the information being discussed. It didn’t happen all the time, but often enough that I questioned its meaning. Intuitively I sensed that I was tuning into another dimension of consciousness- one decidedly not based in the current life, judging from the content of the historical material that was revealed. As I developed trust in what I was being shown, I shared the insights I received with the clients for whom they appeared. Soon, I realized they were directly related to the individuals’ karma- unfinished spiritual business. I gained validation of the accuracy of the insights when people gave me feedback like, “Yes, I’ve always struggled with self-esteem issues. I never knew why. It’s amazing that in past experiences I had the same issue!” and “My childhood was incredibly painful growing up with abusive parents. You mean I planned this to grow spiritually? Maybe now I can begin to forgive and heal- exactly what I planned on doing, according to what I wrote in my book.”

Over time, as I became increasingly comfortable in sharing clients’ Book of Life with them, I’ve witnessed deep healing occur in the process. Since the initial step in healing is awareness, the simple revelation of the origin of long-held emotional issues is often enough to jumpstart the process of understanding and release necessary for healing to take place. Healing means we recognize ourselves as who we truly are-Spirit. The more closely we align ourselves with love and forgiveness, the closer we move to this realization. Cayce believed that we are the sum total of all of our thoughts- an accurate assumption in my experience. What are you currently writing in your Book of Life?

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