Before Birth

By: Bobbie Samuels
(From her book about past lives)

It was my turn and the hooded elder pointed his gnarled finger at me.  I yawned while waking up from a sound sleep and didn’t want to be bothered.  Suddenly, the door opened in my crystal enclosure and as I peeked out, I could see other people waiting in line to be born. Angels were all around us.  In front and to my right was the door we were supposed to enter.  I walked through the door and found myself in a beautiful room glowing with blue light.  My body was shrinking smaller and smaller and I was becoming younger and younger until I reached the baby phase.  With the body of a baby and the mind of an adult, I tumbled toward the earth via a dark tunnel.  There were other entities in the tunnel with me, but I couldn’t see their faces.    Upon entering the earth’s dense atmosphere, I arrived at the mother and fetus the elders helped me pick.  I floated in front of my new mother for a few minutes because I was feeling a little apprehensive.  Should I go through with this?  I could abort?  No, I made a promise to God and it was time to go to work!  I gently entered the little fetus with the help of an angel and fell back into a sound sleep.  Suddenly, there was a jolt!  I was being squeezed through a dark vice and couldn’t breathe!  I could hear loud voices.  I wasn’t happy about this!  Oh no!!!  The voices were getting louder!  There were harsh lights ahead of me and I was cold, so cold.  I could feel the oppressive heaviness of the earth plane around me as I thought to myself, “Oh shit”, I’m back”! I started to cry.

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3 comments to Before Birth

  • anita

    i am glad i read this, i am having a baby and was thinking of abortion now this helps me in my little mind what to do THANKS

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  • D.D.

    In actuality, everyone is energy, since energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So it is the ENERGY that remains in the universe getting used over and over in many forms. You don’t remember BEFORE you were born, and when you leave this earth you are gone from everything that you knew, and everyone who knew you. Make the most of your life here on earth. If there is any other form that you go into, you won’t know it. A nice little fairy tale, but that’s all your story is.

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  • DeeDee

    Fairy tale or what ever, it is beautiful and funny. Thanks, made my day somehow.

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