Amazing Strength – Our Lady

By: Jacqui

It’s only the very strong
That can WITHSTAND repaying wrong with wrong.
There is only one human I know of,
Who besides the Saviour, this ability did show of.

In my teenage years, I had the impression
The strength of a woman was in her aggression.
Newton’s Third Law, I applied in my life exactly,
To every action I reacted sharply.

At that point in my life,
The Lady did not impress me.
She was meek, she was mild,
And put her opinion across gently.

My attitude towards her
As I grew in years & wisdom,
Was coloured by the behaviour
Of the protectors of her ‘kingdom’.

Then was released the “Passion of Christ”, by Mel Gibson.
It gave me insight to the Lady’s disposition
Of the movie I remember naught.
Just the strength of the Lady in the plot.

It’s the nature of a mother to curse & swear
Rent her clothes, maybe pull out some hair.
Even put a pox on anyone who,
Dared mess around with her baby blue.

Not for the Lady these histrionics
She bore her pain with stoic silence.
He grief & anguish was plain to perceive
Her blameless Son was being pilloried.

None of her virtues, did in me admiration forment
This amazing strength, in no other human you’d see
For it was bestowed by God on Our Lady.

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2 comments to Amazing Strength – Our Lady

  • This is the most beautiful poem to Our Lady! God Bless You! Thanks for sharing.

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  • Marie

    Beautiful, heartfelt and moving poem and so true about Our Lady!
    Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!

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