Popular 1910 Tarot Deck Copyright Status

We have received a number of emails over the years from many of our members regarding the copyright status of our “Popular 1910 Deck”.  To this day we still maintain that Popular 1910 Deck images are in fact in the public domain.  In October of 2009 we were contacted by US Games Systems Inc. about this . . . → Read More: Popular 1910 Tarot Deck Copyright Status

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Before Birth

By: Bobbie Samuels
(From her book about past lives)

It was my turn and the hooded elder pointed his gnarled finger at me.  I yawned while waking up from a sound sleep and didn’t want to be bothered.  Suddenly, the door opened in my crystal enclosure and as I peeked out, I could see other people waiting in . . . → Read More: Before Birth

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Your Book of Life

By: Carole J. Obley
Url: http://www.soulvisions.net

Many years ago, when I began my study of metaphysics, I was attracted to the life and readings of Edgar Cayce, famous American seer and healer of the early 20th century. In his readings, Cayce made frequent references to what he called the Book of Life- energetic records of an individual’s every . . . → Read More: Your Book of Life

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The Lovers Tarot Card

By Lorraine Valente
Url: http://FuchsiaStars.blogspot.com/

The Lovers card depicts the unclothed bodies of two lovers, a man and a woman. They bare their souls’ to each other. The man gazes upon the woman while the woman looks up to the spirit, Archangel Gabriel. As the angel hovers over the couple, arms and wings spread as if blessing the . . . → Read More: The Lovers Tarot Card

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Do Tarot Readings Predict the Future Or Leave It Up to Chance?

By: Jacqueline Brielle
Url: liveyourdreamblog.com

Having been a dabbler in the art of Tarot as a more benign divination tool than my first horrible experience with an Ouija board, I’ve often wondered if the cards point to an advice, an event that is scripted to happen, or something that is considered fated or destined for the recipient.

My mother . . . → Read More: Do Tarot Readings Predict the Future Or Leave It Up to Chance?

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The Hermit – Virgo

by Lorraine Valente

Tarot Card # 9 – The Hermit~Symbolic of Virgo.

The Hermit represents a person who is a teacher of the true meaning of life and is also on a spiritual path. The Hermit stands alone and is isolated. He is cloaked in a gray (wisdom) robe, head down, eyes closed, looking within. He holds . . . → Read More: The Hermit – Virgo

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Vesta – Goddess of Fire

by Lorraine Valente

Vesta~Asteroid Goddess of Fire, Sacred Virgin, Sister to Ceres

Discovery Date: March 29, 1807  

The sacred virgin is symbol for lovely Asteroid Goddess Vesta, also known as Hestia by the Greeks, relating to the sign Virgo. Vesta was worshipped as Goddess of the hearth and keeper of the sacred flame. She placed a shrine at the . . . → Read More: Vesta – Goddess of Fire

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The Vertex – Cosmic Appointments

by Lorraine Valente

What is an astrological Vertex? The Vertex is not a planet; it’s an intersection of the ecliptic with the prime vertical (Nadir) in the West. In an astrological chart, the Vertex always appears in the Western Hemisphere of the chart, usually through houses 5~8. Because the location of the Vertex is in the western . . . → Read More: The Vertex – Cosmic Appointments

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Let’s Think Twice About It – Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, August 20th to September 12th 2010

By: Risa
Url: www.personcenter99.blogspot.com

           Of all the astronomical events that occur cyclically, this is one of the most renowned even among those who are not very familiar with Astrology. I believe it receives a lot of attention because its effects can be observed in the daily life of many people.

            When a planet becomes retrograde, what really is . . . → Read More: Let’s Think Twice About It – Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, August 20th to September 12th 2010

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