God Is Fact

By: Jacqui
Url: http://sites.google.com/site/jacquiesoriginalthoughts/

Be it applied or theo-reti-cal
The physical, the biological and the chemical
All disciplines of science give full evidence
Unmatched in magnificence, is God’s intelligence¬†

Research on the hosts of plants and animals
Uni-celled micro-organisms to complex celled mammals
These studies by biological scientists world-wide endorse
Such attention to detail while creating can only be God’s.

Astronomy, the study of the universe, . . . → Read More: God Is Fact

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The Story of Fatima

Children of Fatima

On May 13, 1917, a beautiful Lady who said she came from Heaven, appeared to three shepherd children, Jacinta, Francisco, and Lucia in Fatima, Portugal. This was during WWI, and it was the first of six apparitions which took place always on the same day of the six consecutive months.

The children had been visited three times . . . → Read More: The Story of Fatima

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