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(Jul 23 - Aug 23)

The Leo subject, like the king of the jungle, is all power and innate substance. No Leo lacks for bravery or courage. Leos are willful and belong to the sign that most characterizes ego and self-esteem. The Leo person is determined and able. He will always find a bevy of loyal subjects who adore and adulate him. In the role of guide and pontiff of their lives, Leo can be both severe and indulgent.

Most Leo people look a little like lions. Often they have huge lovely manes of thick curly hair and their very manner of standing or sitting shows self-assurance and dignity. Lions are regal. Sometimes they appear overly confident and even arrogant. Lions are in fact identifiable by their sunny superior attitude.

Leo people are generous with both their fortunes and their affection. Because of their innate superiority, they feel they can afford to be giving. You can practically always count on Leo friends for their aid in times of need. Not only does it come naturally for them to bestow good turns on friends, but with each favor Leo enjoys gaining advantage and is not above taking an "I told you so" attitude.

Leos enjoy being surrounded by an entourage. The sense of family is very strong in their lives. Leos love to entertain and even to "hold court" with guests who will laugh at their jokes and nod at their outlandish declarations.

You won't find Leos in easy snap jobs. Find Leo a citadel to conquer, a cause to embrace or a worthy enemy to track and destroy and the Leo subject will be happy. Leo is a conqueror. Triumph is his middle name, failure his mortal foe.

Nothing inspires more pity than a downtrodden and beaten Leo. Defeat doesn't sit well with Leo, gives him indigestion and depresses him. I know Leos who are forever telling me how they got wounded in this or that professional or romantic situation because their adversary was wily or cunning and did not operate out of strength alone.

Leos are spendthrifts. Money, come by without too much struggle by the prodigious lion, eats away at the bottoms of Leo's pockets. Then, when he's spent it all on what he deemed so "important and essential," Leo complains bitterly. "Where is my money? My lovely money." Thing is, Leo is serious about family matters and also about business responsibilities. He hates to be in debt and hastens to pay off in full whomever he owes, sometimes to the detriment of his cash flow.

Leos are extremely vain people. It isn't surprising then that extramarital affairs tend to creep into their lives. Leos have energy and tenderness to burn. If they are not sufficiently adored and worshiped at home, Leos might just go looking elsewhere.

Leo friends are an asset to anyone s life. Their innate sense of preeminence is comforting. To please Leos, tell them that they are fantastic and magnificent. And remember that with all his apparent panache and pride, Leo was once just a kitten.

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