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Have you ever met a person who seems to find everything horrid wonderful and everything wonderful horrid? Have you ever known anyone who finds hidden beauty and grace in people you wouldn't want to take the subway with? Do you know a person who always invariably and constantly alters his or her viewpoint to suit the moment? If the answer to these questions is "yes," you probably know a Libran.

Faced with conflict, Libra never exhibits cowardice. Nor does Libra charge ahead willy-nilly with guns blazing. Instead, Libra attempts to establish negotiations. Libra wants to settle things amicably. Consider first one side, then the other. Libra says, "Don't be too quick to judge people on their face value. Give it time." In fact, by the time Libra has finished flitting from one side of the argument to the other and back forty billion times, the war is very often over.

Libra knows that life is loaded with undercurrents of evil and mined with trouble spots. But the Libran attitude is "Why look for the bad things? Why consider the evil and wretched side of life? Let's put up another watercolor or run out and buy ourselves a lovely new negligee. You'll see. We'll all feel much, much better."

Librans themselves always try to remain on an even keel. They soothe the ill-tempered and cause raging rivers of dissension to flatten out and run smooth. By means of their good humor and sense of what is pleasurable, Librans urge us gently along toward human understanding, beauty and righteousness.

Yet, Librans are capable of sudden vocal explosion. It seems out of character, but there it is. Sometimes the gentle, beauty-loving, sweetness-and-light pursuer flies off the handle. His rages are not profound but they are impressive. Caress the forehead with dollars soaked in Civrey Chainbertin. You'll be surprised at the instant recovery.

Librans love luxury. They surround themselves with prettiness and seem to require a comfortable, well-designed frame in which to picture themselves happy. Because of this excessive desire for "the finer things," Librans, if they are sufficiently well looked after, might grow lazy. Perhaps it is unjust to dub the Libran a total wastrel as Librans are capable of hard work and tend to be serious about it. But in an ambience of charm and gentility, the Libran thrives. In rustic or sparse surroundings the Libran feels cold and longs to return to the land of fashion and folderol.

I have always felt that Librans talked too much. This opinion may be misguided. But still, I do find when I meet Librans for the first time that they have this annoying tendency to overrelate, to recount their life stories and all the details complete with sufferings and losses, injustices and wrongdoings, fears and doubts in Technicolor and Cinemascope. What I want to say to them is "Hey, maybe I don't want to know about every hard-boiled egg you ever ate." Hardly the strong silent type, Libra is placid (except when in a steaming rage) but blabby.

Libras are not in a hurry, nor do they think other people ought to be. My Libra mother asked me once, "Why do you wash the dishes so fast?" I answered tersely, "Because I hate washing the dishes." "Oh," she said, with a pretty smile out of which I expected to see a flower grow. "I see. ' She didn't see at all. But to keep the peace

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