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William Gilbert
Biographical Information

Birth Date:November 18, 1836
Astrology Sign:Scorpio
Chinese Sign: -
Birth Name:
Birth Place:Colchester, Essex, England
Died Date:May 30, 1911


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William Gilbert

Biography:William Gilbert as born May 24, 1544, Colchester, England and died November 30, 1603, probably in London. English physician to Elizabeth I and James I and scientific researcher into magnetism and electricity. He is the originator of the name "electricity".

His primary work was De Magnete, Magneticisque Corporibus, et de Magno Magnete Tellure (On the Magnet and Magnetic Bodies, and on That Great Magnet the Earth) published in 1600. In this work he describes many of his experiments with his model earth called the terrella. From his experiments, he concluded that the Earth was itself magnetic and that this was the reason compasses pointed north (previously, some believed that it was the pole star (Polaris) or a large magnetic island on the north pole that attracted the compass). In his book, he also studied static electricity using amber; amber is called elektron in Greek, so Gilbert decided to call its effect the electric force.

Gilbert's magnetism was the invisible force that many other natural philosophers, such as Kepler, seized upon, incorrectly, as governing the motions that they observed.

A unit of magnetomotive force, also known as magnetic potential, was named the gilbert in his honor.

Personality and Character Cards:
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William Gilbert's Personality Tarot Card Justice - Personality Card

Birthday: November 18, 1836

Balance, wisdom and a need for rational, logical solutions.

William Gilbert's Character Tarot Card The High Priestess - Character Card

Birthday: November 18, 1836

Wisdom, secrets to be revealed, and the development of intuition.

This year's Growth Tarot Card
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William Gilbert's Growth Tarot Card The Hanged Man

Birthday: November 18, 2017

A sacrifice must be made in order to gain something of great value.




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