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Color: Dark intense blue with white and sometimes yellow streaks.

Sodalite is almost identical in composition to lapis lazuli, except lapis contains sulfur instead of chlorine. In fact, it often is confused with its lapis cousin.

Sodalite has been discovered in ancient tombs and ruins in various ornamental forms, often as a replacement for lapis lazuli. It is said that Egyptian priests often used sodalite to dispel fears and to promote a clear, insightful mind. Mystics today say the gemstone can help change the way you feel about yourself. It is believed to have subtle, soothing energies and help you to see the wisdom of adopting a simpler, less hectic lifestyle. It also is said to be effective in combating radiation. Physically, sodalite is said to help boost the immune system, balance the metabolism and cleanse the organs. It is found in Namibia, Brazil, Canada, Italy, India, Russia and the U.S.A. It is associated with the astrological sign Sagittarius..

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