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2 of Wands

02wands.jpg Synopsis
Formulation of a new aim, goal or project.

General Description
This card connects the description of a condition with an exhortation: it says that we have taken a neutral, indifferent position and that we should instead stand up for a clear and unmistakable attitude. Situations characterized by this card often have something paralyzing about them. There is nothing that we can pinpoint as a true, accessible cause of our dejection, yet we clearly sense that something is very wrong. This card stands for the times in which we simply find everything to be "nice." The background here is that we have retreated to an indifferent standpoint and are keeping out of everything. We have so shielded ourselves that nothing can reach us inside, and we apathetically watch life pass us by. We can only break out of this condition when we turn our ideas into convictions and our intentions into deeds, fully committing ourselves in the process.


Illustrations of the Popular 1910 Deck are public domain


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