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9 of Wands

09wands.jpg Synopsis
Strength in reserve, a spurt of energy.

General Description
The 9 of Wands stands for defiance and resistance in connection with a situation or experience by which we feel threatened. In doing so, the card shows that there is no real objective threat (unlike the 7 of Wands), but our memories of earlier painful experiences cause us to feel afraid and take up this defensive stance. It represents the state of withdrawal that fairy tales often describe as a "wooden heart." Generally speaking, this means we are cutting ourselves off and refusing to move forward and take important steps. In some cases, the card shows quite the contrary - that we have just made an important move and are now forcefully closing the back door to cut off all means of retreat. When this is the case, the card has a more positive meaning because there is the possibility of development. Nevertheless, it still shows that we have done something wrong: we have run away and are afraid the past could catch up with us. But the real way to say goodbye is to finish with the experience and feel the past firmly under our feet instead of the fear at the back of our neck.


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