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2 of Swords

02swords.jpg Synopsis
A stalemate, indecision, refusal to make a choice.

General Description
This card indicates situations characterized by stubborn, gnawing doubts. It also shows the sometimes desperate attempt to achieve a definitive stance and decisive power on an intellectual level. But true conviction can only occur when our perceptions are also carried on the level of our feelings. This area of the unconscious, portrayed by the ocean and the moon on the card, is cut off. The crossed swords, the limitations of the intellect, hinder admittance. The card thereby characterizes the difficult position that we fall into when we struggle for clarifying perception without listening to our inner voice. The 2 of Swords is the antithesis of the High Priestess (II), who also sits in the same position. The blue tones that characterize the intuitive powers of the High Priestess are the background here. The person sits in a gray area, which possibly expresses the paleness of thought, the vague "gray theory." One of the powers of doubt which "gnaws away" at trust is often embodied by the Wolf in fairy tales.


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