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8 of Swords

08swords.jpg Synopsis
Fear of moving out of a situation of restriction.

General Description
The 8 of Swords shows that we are stopping an important part of ourselves from being alive. It therefore often expresses inhibitions and prohibitions that almost always have their source within us, but often tend to be projected onto our surroundings. It characterizes the typical "yes but" stance that Reverend Ike described in a famous speech*: "I would like to do this or that, but . . . "I would like to become this or that, but "I would like to have this or that, but Nevertheless, all that stands between the wonderful things that we want to do, become, or have is only our "but." This card challenges us to perceive that the limitations, difficulties, and prohibitions are not in the outer world, but rather reflected in our own fears and inhibitions. In any case, the 8 of Swords means that there is something valuable in us that we are repressing. This could sometimes be a passing renunciation or a limitation based on better judgement.


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