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10 of Swords

10swords.jpg Synopsis
An ending which is inevitable, yet promises new beginnings.

General Description
The 10 of Swords stands for the end and departure, for the great letting go, similar to the card "Death" (XIII). In contrast to the Death card, which shows the natural end, the 10 of Swords expresses the random, possibly violent, and thereby sometimes even premature end. Even though this end often corresponds with a very difficult life experience, it does not always have to be so; the profusion of swords represents the concentrated power of the mind. Through it, experiences that very much enrich and are essential to our lives can be terminated, but also unwelcome situations, bad habits, and depressive, harmful phases can come to an end. In any case, it Is a painful parting. Only from the context can we determine if this will be experienced with an oppressive feeling or if we are ultimately relieved, as at the end of an operation. Whether this forced ending is necessary or wrong, absurd or mature, can be read in the rest of the cards.


Illustrations of the Popular 1910 Deck are public domain


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