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4 of Pentacles

04pentacles.jpg Synopsis
If nothing is risked, nothing can be gained.

General Description
The 4 of Pentacles shows an exaggerated need for security and its effects in the form of greed, miserliness, and the deep-rooted fear of change. The stance characterized by this card always has something about it that is hostile to life. It shows how much effort we put into clinging to the present, thereby going against the flow of life, ultimately in vain. It is usually an indication that we are on the way to rigidity, frequently a herald of the Tower (XVI), which in turn destroys the armor of incrustation. If the position in which the 4 of Pentacles occurs challenges us to adopt this behavior, it means that we should limit ourselves, become concentrated, and withdraw - or that we shouldn't let go in the matter at hand.


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