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King of Cups

kingcups.jpg Synopsis
Kindness, helpfulness.

General Description
The King of Cups embodies the masculine side of the water element, our search for transcendental experience, redemption, and the mysterious unification with the original source, the Numinas, or however the language tries to describe the unnameable. He has the knowledge that this area is closed forever to the intellectual approach and can only be experienced by those who open themselves to intuitive introspection and are prepared to let themselves be found and touched. In addition, the King of Cups stands for the will to give our feelings and medial abilities more space by giving the form of music, poetry, and other arts, including the healing arts, to the vibrations that we receive. But when we deal with these powers in an amateur or thoughtless fashion, a caricature comes about in the form of the ludicrous bungler, the unworldly crackpot, and the extremely unreliable person who is often insincere as well. On the basis of lack of ability to draw the line, this person tends to be a plaything of the powers and is drawn into unwelcome entanglements and intrigues.


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