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King of Pentacles

kingpentacles.jpg Synopsis
Position and wealth, hard work.

General Description
The King of Pentacles personifies the masculine side of the earth element. He therefore stands for our striving for possessions, security, and tangible values, embodying our sense of reality. Deeds, not words, wishes, or good intentions matter to him. He is the expression of our striving for durability, constancy, and the reliable return of all that is familiar. At the same time he has a fine sense of the feasible and practical, as well as an instinctively certain sense of favorable opportunities to make good deals. He stands for a consciousness of time, the knowledge that steadfast values ripen slowly, and therefore represents our willingness to wait patiently and not rush anything. In addition, the King of Pentacles also expresses our sensuous, pleasure-enjoying nature and our search for the satisfaction of our desires. His shadow side is the insatiable, the lecher, the heartless haggler, and, last but not least, the comfort-loving lazybones, the "Oblomov in us," as Goncharov has so brilliantly described him.


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