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King of Wands

kingwands.jpg Synopsis
Warmth, enthusiasm, and confidence.

General Description
The King of Wands represents the masculine side of the fire element, the developmental power of which is evident in the image of the Sun King Ludwig XIV. He is the incarnation of self-assurance, affirmation of life, and the joy of wealth, power, and greatness. At the same time, these characteristics are in no way lived only on the superficial level, as a pure desire for one's own splendor, but can also take shape in an exemplary manner as concern for the good of all persons involved. This card is an expression of power of the will, self-assurance, idealistic striving for growth, and the great possible development and maturation of a person. It is only the negative exaggeration that brings self-adulation, inflation of the ego, love of ostentation, and boasting.


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