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Queen of Swords

queenswords.jpg Synopsis
Strength, determination, courage in adversity.

General Description
The Queen of Swords represents the feminine form of the air element. She stands for intelligence, alertness, independence, an abundance of ideas, and a quick perceptive faculty. She is the expression of our ability to solve problems and achieve higher perception with the help of our mind, without dissipating our energies or letting ourselves be tormented by doubts. In contrast to the old understanding of this card, which only saw the evil woman in the Queen of Swords, at best a widow, this motif shows us that we are dealing with a woman (or the feminine aspect of a man) who has freed herself from dependency through the power of her mind. Only in a few cases must the shadow side of this card be considered, the ice princess who has a calculating coolness and almost insurmountable aloofness behind her charm.


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