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Queen of Pentacles

queenpentacles.jpg Synopsis
Wealth and generosity.

General Description
The Queen of Pentacles embodies the feminine side of the earth element and stands for steadfastness, good humor, reliability, closeness to reality, diligence, fertility, heart, and sensory pleasures. She has a good instinct for nature and the fertile earth, as best seen in the picture of a farm woman. But she can also develop a strong sense of material values, which in association with tartness and gumption is expressed by Berthold Brecht's subtler Mother Courage. Her fertility and sensuality let her become the solicitous mother of a large family, a talented artist, as well as also a sensual woman open and receptive to all the amusements that life has to offer. The exaggeration of this disposition can lead to bitter hardening or to thickskinned, pleasure-addicted laziness.


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