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The Fool

fool.jpg Synopsis
The beginning of a cycle or an adventure; a risk must be taken.

General Description
The Fool represents the child in us. He stands for spontaneous new beginnings and an open-mindedness free of prejudice. He is the symbol of playful lightheartedness, full of the joy of living, and free from care. The Fool shows us that we can enter a new area of life with wonder and without great expectations, and often without previous experience. He therefore can represent a childlike innocence, the result of which can be recklessness, foolish naivete, playfulness, as well as tomfoolery. The Fool can symbolize the simplicity of a wise and humble insight that we achieve at the end of a long and often tiring search. The Fool can also stand for the joker and the rascal in the traditional sense as well as the one and only honest adviser at the court as the alter ego of the king. In any case, he lives totally in the present, is the symbol of openness and spontaneous honesty, always ready for new experiences. Whether this stance is the result of our refusal to grow up or of the wise realization of our spiritual maturity cannot be decided by the card. The Fool always indicates refreshing experiences that sometimes may have chaotic traits but do not represent true danger, even when we fall flat on our faces.


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