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Ace of Cups

acecups.jpg Synopsis
The beginning of a relationship, a surge of emotion, joy.

General Description
The Ace of Cups is one of the greatest lucky cards of the Tarot. It shows - as do the other aces - a great opportunity within us: in this case, it can lead us to deepest fulfillment. What this means for an individual depends upon his or her personal attitude towards life. The spectrum of the Ace of Cups extends from joy, thankfulness, and satisfaction to extreme success and the deepest happiness in oneness. The mystery of love in all its forms of expression stands, beyond all doubt, in the foreground: altruism, parental love, sensual-erotic love, self-love, and the love of God. This card can also show other, more everyday forms of happiness, whereby the material side of this concept is more likely to be expressed by the Ace of Pentacles. In any case, we should keep in mind that it deals with a great opportunity that lies either in ourselves or in our plans; it isn't pushy, but rather waits to be discovered and developed.


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