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strength.jpg Synopsis
A time for self-awareness involving courage, strength, and determination.

General Description
The card Strength has a certain kinship to the card of the Magician (I). Similar to that card, Strength also touches upon the extraordinary power of the secret of a deep, inner harmony. If the great influential strength of the Magician is founded upon the harmony of conscious and unconscious powers, then the vital energy, courage, and passion of this card is an expression of the reconciliation of the civilized person with his or her animal nature. In mythology, this is impressively portrayed by the friendship between Gilgamesch and Enkidu, his previous bitter enemy. This card makes it clear that we cannot aim to hide our instinctual nature behind pallid virtue but should open ourselves much more to encountering the living, sometimes terrifying archaic powers existing in each of us, in order to gradually tame them through loving acceptance and gentle force. When we do this, not only these primordial powers are available to us, but also all of the reserves of strength that we have used up until now to repress these instincts.


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