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The Hanged Man

hangedman.jpg Synopsis
A sacrifice must be made in order to gain something of great value.

General Description
The Hanged Man, superficially seen, primarily means that we are stuck and in a dilemma. However, with more thorough consideration we can see that in the external immobility there is a forced repose, as well as the necessity and opportunity to achieve a transformed view of the world and change one's life. The passivity to which we are condemned in such phases is at best illustrated with the image of an illness, which is often actually indicated by this card. C. G. Jung says of the experience that the Hanged Man expresses: "To hang can ( ... ) even be a positively seen 'hanging on', which on the one hand means apparently insurmountable difficulties, yet on the other hand presents that unique situation that requires the greatest effort, and therefore calls the entire person into action.


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