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The Devil

devil.jpg Synopsis
Inhibitions, blocks and fears which, once removed, release positive energy.

General Description
Of all the Tarot cards, the Devil is the most difficult to comprehend (in keeping with his nature), since he wears an individual face for each person. The experience that he characterizes is marked by dependence, loss of will, the failure of good intentions, as well as courses of action that go against our convictions. The Devil corresponds to the dark side of many Tarot cards: in contrast to the Magician (I), he is the Black Magician. He is part of the dark side of the High Priestess (II); the insincerity and worship of materialism shown in the opposing principle of the Hierophant (V); the side of the Lovers (VI) that has degenerated to a power struggle or soulless lustfulness; and the corruptible or self-righteous shadow of justice (XI). He embodies the unbridled greed of Strength (VIII); intemperance in contrast to proper Temperance (XIV). He is the ruler of wide portions of the Moon (XVIII) landscape. The Devil naturally appears to us in his most enticing form as the Tempter. The card shows that we are playing with fire and have to be as careful as hell (!) not to burn our fingers in the process. On a deeper level it means that the background of the question brings us into contact with our own shadow side.


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