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The Moon

moon.jpg Synopsis
A period of illusion, uncertainty and fluctuation.

General Description
The Moon card leads us into the mysterious realm of darkness and night; into the image world of the soul; to our premonitions, desires, and dreams. The bright side of the Moon means romantic dreaminess, lively fantasies, and a strong sensitivity. Yet this card tends to show the dark side, the depths of the soul, gloomy foreboding, and the dread of the invisible and intangible. It is the terror that we feel when we walk through a deserted forest at night, although we don't think twice about crossing it during the day. It teaches us the nature of fear in the dark. Or it is the ancient dread of the demons that have now received new names in our enlightened times: bacteria, viruses, millirems, becquerels, lead-polluted air, and acid rain.


Illustrations of the Popular 1910 Deck are public domain


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