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judgement.jpg Synopsis
Completion of the karmic cycle; reaping rewards, or otherwise, for past actions.

General Description
The card of judgment is easily misunderstood when we consider its name. judgment, particularly the Last judgment that is meant here, is primarily associated with punishment, damnation, and therefore with fear and terror. However, the meaning of a card must always be derived from the picture and the emotional and mythological images that are behind it. The resurrection portrayed here shows the moving experience of releasing and liberating that which was buried or imprisoned before. It shows that the truth, the divine, is ascending from the dungeon and entering the light. This then gives the card a completely positive meaning. It shows the decisive step to becoming oneself, the successful process of alchemical transformation from which something higher is created from a base substance. On a more everyday level, this card signifies every form of liberation: from worries and need, from unthankful situations and bonds, from inhibitions and timidity. It can also be an indication that our "treasure" is inherent to the plans characterized by this card.


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