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Emotional Maturity

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  1. Despite Brenda's limited education, she successfully runs her craft boutique. Yet at social functions, she only talks about her boutique and her children. Why do you think she does this?
    She thinks everyone will be interested in those topics.
    She prefers keeping the conversation within neutral limits.
    She prefers to limit the conversation to what she knows/experiences.
    She wants to avoid touchy topics such as religion and politics.

  2. I am very confident in my abilities.
    Most of the time
    Quite often
    Some of the time

  3. I am willing and able to share my most intimate issues/feelings with about anyone.
    Absolutely true.
    Sometimes, depending on the circumstances.
    No, intimate issues should only be discussed with close family and friends.
    No, people should handle intimate issues by themselves.

  4. I believe one's self-esteem is mostly shaped by
    society and economy.
    one's background.
    the way one was treated as a child.
    one's environment.
    the people one is surrounded by.
    the way one leads his/her life.
    one's luck.

  5. I enjoy gossiping with friends and colleagues.
    Most of the time
    Quite often

  6. I feel most motivated when I
    imagine failure and then do my best to avoid it.
    imagine total success and then do my best to achieve it.
    imagine the expected outcome and then do my best to achieve it.
    just do my best in what needs to be done.

  7. I feel very capable/confident departing from conventional practice/approaches.
    Most of the time

  8. I know exactly how I feel when I am disturbed (sad, betrayed, lonely, annoyed).
    Most of the time

  9. I make friends and acquaitances easily.
    True to all
    I make acquaintances easily but it takes longer to make good friends
    It is difficult for me to make new friends and acquaintances.
    I am unable to make acquaintances or friends.

  10. It is generally best to
    go with the flow without setting goals.
    set easy goals.
    set goals that are not too challenging.
    set goals that are challenging but attainable.
    set goals beyond one's capability.

  11. The best time to reveal shocking news (a divorse, coming out of the closet, etc.) to one's family is
    During a transition phase (relocating, job change, divorce, etc.).
    At an important event (wedding, funeral, holiday, etc.).
    During a quiet period when the family is generally fine.
    During the revelation of other shocking news, so as to kill two birds with one stone.
    Immediately regardless of other circumstances.

  12. When an opportunity presents itself,
    I remain skeptical until I have reason to think otherwise.
    I don't expect much so as not to be disappointed.
    I take it as it comes without expectations.
    I expect the best and deal with it if it does not work out.

  13. When frustrated, I
    almost always drop what I am doing and go use my time more productively.
    sometimes drop what I am doing and go use my time more productively.
    sometimes persist and finish the task.
    almost always persist and finish the task.
    take a break and then continue the task.

  14. When I am very disturbed by something (dealing with an extremely rude person), I
    step back to reassess the situation and calm down.
    take it out on someone else.
    find it difficult to calm down.
    talk to someone to get it off my chest.

  15. When I break a rule (not a law),
    I feel guilty for a long time.
    I feel guilty for a while.
    I feel guilty for a very short time.
    I don't let myself feel bad.
    I don't really care.

  16. When I fail to do something well, it is usually because
    I do not prepare sufficiently.
    I lack concentration.
    un-foreseeable circumstances beyond my control prevent me from doing so.
    I am not capable enough.
    unforeseeable circumstances within my control prevent me from doing so.

  17. When I have a very challenging dilemma, I
    deal with it by myself.
    consult family and friends for advice/support.
    go to my therapist/counselor for advice/support.
    try to distract myself and forget about it.
    pretend it does not exist.

  18. When I want to communicate something positive to someone, I
    tell the person.
    do something nice for the person.
    write it to the person.
    say nothing so as not to spoil the person.
    say nothing because the person should already know how I feel.

  19. When someone snaps at me,
    I retort.
    I withdraw feeling hurt.
    I ask for an explanation.
    I get very angry.
    I let it go and/or ignore it.

  20. When there is something unpleasant to do, I
    do it and get it over with.
    procrastinate until I feel like doing it.
    procrastinate until I have nothing else to do.
    give myself a reward after doing it.
    divide it into small steps and do them one at a time.
    find a valid excuse to not do the task.
    ask someone else to do it for me.

  21. You are about to say something really malicious to your partner/spouse while having a furvid dispute. What do you do?
    I say I am too angry and set a different time to continue the argument.
    I say it anyway; s/he needs to know how I feel and deal with it.
    I start crying.
    I walk away saying I don't want to talk about it anymore.
    I give myself a time out and continue after calming down.

  22. You are single and your last date was a flop. Then you realize it's been two years since you had a good date. How do you react?
    I remain optimistic and keep dating until I find the right person.
    I stop dating for now and wait for the right person to find me.
    I decide to date people I wouldn't normally go after.
    I try to figure out what is wrong with me and why I am attracted to flops.
    I lower my standards because, apparently, this is as good as it gets.
    I stop 'looking' and pursue bettering myself personally and professionally.

  23. Your best friend's cousin died a month ago. They were very close and your friend is devastated. It is best to
    leave your friend alone and not bother her/him.
    encourage her/him to cry and vent the grief.
    take your friend out dancing or to a comedy show.
    tell him/her to get over it; life goes on.
    tell her/him about your own problems to take their mind off her/his grief.
    be there/available for your friend.

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