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  1. Are you more emotional or rational?

  2. At a restaurant, would you prefer to sit at a table or booth?
    It doesn't matter

  3. Do you tend to be more outgoing or shy?

  4. How do you prefer spending time with friends?
    In small intimate groups
    In large groups
    One on one

  5. How would you behave if you and your friends were in a non-injury car accident?
    Try to cheer everyone up
    Get very upset/flustered
    Get help
    Take charge of the situation
    Remain quiet and go with the flow
    Help out where I was needed

  6. If you were given $200 cash to spend on yourself, how would you do so?
    Take my friends out to dinner
    Buy myself some clothes
    Get pampered (massage, facial, hair, etc.)
    Buy some hobbie crafts (games, music, books, art)

  7. To what extent do you have your life planned out?
    I live/plan one day at a time
    I have a five year plan
    I live/plan one month at a time
    I know where I will be next year

  8. What kind of exercise activity do you prefer to keep in shape?
    Going to a gym
    Running/jogging/walking outdoors
    Working out at home (treadmill, stepper, etc.)
    Rollerblading or Biking
    Tennis, racquetball, or golf

  9. What would you do if you got lost while driving somewhere?
    Consult a map
    Call or ask someone for directions
    Keep driving until I figure out where I am

  10. What would you most likely do to help you unwind and relieve tension?
    Workout vigorously
    Go for a long walk
    Go out for a romantic dinner
    Go to a bar or club with a bunch of friends
    Watch television or rent a movie
    Read a book

  11. Which of these flowers do you like best?

  12. Which of these games would you rather play?
    Jigsaw puzzles
    Trivial Pursuit

  13. Would you describe yourself as an energetic person?

  14. Would you prefer to go to a party or throw a party?
    Go to a party
    Throw a party

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