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Commitment -Ready Test

(There are a total of 20 Questions below. Answer all the questions and submit the form to get your results)

  1. Do you end phone conversations with 'I love you?'
    yes, often
    yes, all the time

  2. Do you have an anniversary?

  3. Have you ever shared the same toothbrush with your significant other?
    no way!
    yes, but it was an emergency
    yes, and it wasn't a big deal
    sure, more than once

  4. Have you had the 'exclusive' talk?
    no way, not yet
    not yet, but I'm not ruling it out
    not yet, but I hope it we do soon
    yes, we have brushed the topic
    oh yes, that's a given

  5. How often do you speak to your significant other?
    less than once per day
    1-2 times daily
    more than 3 times daily

  6. How would you feel about having a 'date night' once a week?
    no, I prefer to be flexible and have my space
    I haven't given it much thought
    humm, sounds nice
    I really like the idea

  7. How would you feel about introducing your significant other to your parents?
    not good, it's too soon for that
    okay, in due time
    good, no problem
    fine, I would love to
    fine, I already have

  8. How would you feel about inviting your significant other to go out with you and your friends?
    no, not yet
    maybe in due time
    I would feel okay about it
    absolutely great!

  9. How would you feel about making New Year's Eve plans together 4 months in advance?
    I would cringe
    I wouldn't be too comfortable
    I would feel indifferent
    I would like it
    I would love it!

  10. How would you feel about moving in together?
    no way!
    maybe, I would need to think about it
    humm, sounds nice
    yes, I like the idea
    yes, I can't wait until we do!

  11. How would you feel about renting a condo or hotel room alone with your significant other for a vacation?
    not good, it's too soon for that
    I like the idea
    really good!

  12. How would you feel about your significant other leaving a toothbrush at your place?
    not good
    good, that would be nice
    really good, I would like that

  13. If you saw some of your acquaintances while you were both out on a date, how would you introduce him/her?
    by his/her name
    as My friend, (name)
    as My boyfriend/girlfriend/partner, (name)

  14. When someone accidentally refers to both of you as Mr. and Mrs. do you:
    feel indifferent
    feel okay about it
    like the sound of it
    feel really happy

  15. When talking about the future together, do you say 'if' or 'when?'
    neither, we don't discuss the future together
    we refer to it as 'if'
    we refer to it as 'when'

  16. Would you buy a car together?
    no, absolutely not
    no, I don't think so
    I haven't thought about it either way
    yes, we already did

  17. Would you buy a pet together?
    no no no
    yes, but not yet
    I would love to

  18. Would you feel comfortable taking your significant other to a family function?
    yes, but not just yet

  19. Would you feel good about having a song together?
    no, that's too sentimental
    sure, I wouldn't mind
    yes, that is so romantic

  20. Would you mind if your boyfriend/girlfriend claimed one of your dresser drawers?
    yes, my space is mine alone
    I don't know, I would have to think about it first
    not at all, sharing is caring

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