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Lust or Love?

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  1. Do you read in bed?
    no way!
    I've done it before

  2. Do you refer to yourselves as 'we' or 'us?'
    most of the time
    some of the time
    not yet
    no, we are separate

  3. Do you see yourself growing old with him/her?
    no way!
    it hasn't been that long yet
    I think so
    yes, that would be nice

  4. Do you try to dress in a manner that will turn-on your significant other?
    most of the time
    once in a while
    we're past that

  5. Do you usually spend the night together after fooling around?
    no way!
    most of the time

  6. Have you ever imagined what your kids would look like?
    no way!
    it's crossed my mind

  7. Have you taken or picked up each other from the airport?
    yes, whenever possible
    yes, on occassion
    no, it's too much trouble
    no way!

  8. How do you both call intercourse?
    having sex
    making love

  9. How much do you trust your significant other?
    with my life
    most of the time
    I don't know
    no, not really

  10. How would you describe your bed?
    just a bed
    a playground
    a temple

  11. In which movie could you picture yourselves acting?
    When Harry Met Sally
    9 1/2 Weeks

  12. Is your significant other the first person you'd call if you were upset?
    maybe, depending on the circumstances
    I don't think so
    no way

  13. What do you do first when you see your significant other after 3 long days apart?
    catch up physically
    catch up verbally

  14. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator alone together?
    the wild thing
    comfort each other and try to get help
    fool around a little
    have a deep conversation

  15. Where do you feel butterflies when you see your significant other?
    I don't feel any
    groin area

  16. Where would you most want your significant other to accompany you?
    to a strip bar
    to a cocktail party
    to a work dinner or function
    to a family barbecue
    more than one of the above

  17. Would you take care of him/her if he/she were sick?
    yes, if I had time
    probably not
    no way

  18. Would you want your significant other to take care of you if you were sick?
    no way!

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