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Do you give off a sexy vibe?

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  1. A few minutes into flirting at a party, and that person would be most likely to wag his/her finger at you say:
    'You look like trouble.'
    'You look like you know how to have fun.'
    'You look like you could use a drink.'

  2. A typical gym outfit for you is:
    Baggy sweats and an extra-large T-shirt
    A sports bra (if you're female) or a muscle tank (if male) and biker shorts
    A tank top and comfy running pants

  3. Generally speaking, I feel pretty confident about myself:
    Most of the time

  4. How do you typically dress for a night out?
    sexy, body-conscious clothing
    nice, but not really sexy
    conservative enough to hide flaws

  5. If you accompanied a friend to a party where you didn't know anyone, you would:
    feel nervous and self-conscious
    feel a little awkward at first, but then relax and mingle
    be interested in mingling and meeting new people

  6. If you saw a hot looking guy/girl smile at you while shopping at the market, you would:
    feel great and smile back
    feel nervous and become self-conscious
    think that he/she must have been looking at the person next to you

  7. If you were reincarnated as a feline, you'd probably be:
    a sleek, prowling tigress/tiger
    Hello Kitty

  8. In terms of talking dirty with boyfriends/girlfriends, you:
    enjoy some randy rhetoric now and then
    feel ridiculous about it
    are such a pro, you could make Howard Stern blush

  9. On your way home from working out, you run into someone you are attracted to and:
    smile or chat with him/her because you know you are glowing and looking good
    apologize for being sweaty and grungy, and explain that you just worked out
    try to hide or get going as quickly as possible

  10. The last time you saw yourself naked, you thought to yourself:
    you are a god/goddess
    looking good
    where's a robe when I need one?

  11. When someone tells you you're sexy, you feel:
    like laughing
    pretty good

  12. While walking down the street, some teenagers start gushing about how hot you are. You deal by:
    telling them you're old enough to be their mother/father
    adding a spring to your step and saying 'thank you!'
    smiling at them - the compliment gave you a bit of a rush

  13. With which of the original three Charlie's Angels would you most relate?
    Kate Jackson (Sabrina Duncan)
    Jaclyn Smith (Kelly Garrett)
    Farrah Fawcett (Jill Munroe)

  14. You're on a date with a great person, but he/she doesn't make any moves on you the entire night. You think he/she must:
    want to take it slow
    not be attracted to you

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