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Also known as Diana, Artemis was the divine personification of the moon, and was twin sister to the sun god Apollo. She became goddess of fertility, of woods and forests, the patroness of the hunter, and, in some instances, the punisher of men through the agency of wild animals, as in the case of the Caledonian Boar. Her favorite animal was the stag, in keeping with her huntress aspect, and she was not slow to punish those who killed---inadvertently or otherwise---her prize animals. A case in point is the time when Agamemnon slew one of her stags, and Artemis detained the Greek fleet at Aulis, on its way to Troy, there extracting the sacrifice of Agamemnon's daughter, Iphigenia. Also, there is the story of the hunter Aktaeon, who observed the goddess bathing, and as a result was transformed into a stag himself, and eaten by his own hunting hounds.

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