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In Greek legend, the goddesses of the grace and charm of beauty, and of cheerful amusement, both in nature and in men. They were represented as beautiful young modest maidens, winning and charming, always dancing, singing and running. They also bathed in fountains and decked themselves with flowers, especially with roses, as this flower was sacred to them.

The Charites were usually to be found in the company of Aphrodite,doing her bidding or just generally following and adoring her. Their home was among the Muses of Olympus,where they often entertained the other gods. There are various legends as to their parentage;some say they were the offspring of Zeus and Eurynome, others Dionysos and Aphrodite. Their number, too, is in dispute. Three at least are known of, these being Aglaea, Euphrosyne and Thalia. Kletaand Phaenna are also spoken of, though these may merely be different names for two of the three already mentioned, as are Auxo and Hegemone. The youngest of them is generally agreed to be Pasithea.

The Charites, also known as the Graces, helped out many of the gods, standing as they did for beauty and sweetness, which was well borne out in song, poetry and dance. Athene called for their aid in her minstrations over life, Hernes had them assist in his function as orator of the gods. Their sigils were the rose, myrtle and dice, ears of corn, and musical instruments such as the lyre, flute and syrinx.

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