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The earth goddess of the Aztecs, she was one of the wives of the cloud serpent Mixcoatl. One day while she was sweeping a feathery ball descended to her like a lump of thread, and she took it and put it in her bosom. After the housework was done, she looked in vain for the ball, but could not find it. The legend says that she became magically impregnated by the ball. The miraculous conception, however, angered her other offspring, who attacked her, but her new son, Huitzilopochtli emerged fully armed from her womb, and fought them off, killing many.

Coatlicue was the earth serpent goddess, and was very horrible in aspect, her skirt being woven of writhing snakes, her necklace of human hearts and hands supported a skull pendant. Her hands and feet were clawed, her breasts were flabby, and her diet consisted of human corpses.

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