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The trickster god of southwestern North American mythology, Coyote and his dog Rattlesnake came up out of the ground, and Coyote watched Wonomi create Kuksu, the first man, and Laidamlulum-kule, his wife. But when Coyote tried to make people too, he laughed and his creations had glass eyes. Coyote watched the easy life that Wonomi had given man, and decided that it would be more interesting to add sickness, sorrow and death. The Trickster was even happy when the first fatality was his own son, bitten by Rattlesnake. Coyote tried submerging the body in a lake, as Wonomi had instructed man to do, in order to shed years, but this failed to restore his son. In the end, Kuksu buried the body, declaring that to be the way things must be done, until the world was changed. Coyote eventually killed himself, and roamed the Earth as a spirit.

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