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Jason's lover, who bore to him a child named Euneos. She had been sent into slavery by the other women of Lemnos, jealous of Jason's love for her, and had come into the possession of King Lykurgos, who charged her to take care of his child, Opheltes. On encountering the 'Seven against Thebes', and being asked by them if she could find them water in that parched land, she left the child down on the ground in the wood. When she returned, the child was dead, encircled in the coils of a serpent. Amphiaraos, however, pronounced the snake to be a miraculous creature, sent by Zeus as an evil omen, and renamed the child Archemoros. The heroes appeased the angry king by performing splendid obsequies to the child, and Hypsipyle was taken back to her home by Euneos, who had come looking for her.

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