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The mother goddess of the Shinto legends, she was the sister spouse of Izangi, who descended to the netherworld after her, but failed to bring her back. At the beginning, according to Japanese myth, there was only an ocean of chaos. From this arose Kunitokotatchi, supreme deity of Shinto, and two other deities, Izanami and her husband. Together they created the world and also its divine rulers, Amaterasu the sun goddess, Tsuki-yomi the moon god and Susanowo the god of storms.Izanami died while giving birth to fire, and Izangi descended to the netherworld, seeking her release, explaining that the work of creation was not as yet finished. Meeting him at the entrance to Yomotsu-kuni, Izanami requested that he remain there, while she secured her release with the death gods. Having waited for some time, Izangi entered and saw to his shock that Izanami was dead, rotting away. He fled, pursued by a hag, which he escaped by throwing down his headdress, which turned into a bunch of grapes, and while the hag stopped to eat the fruits, he ran on. Taking up the chase again, the hag was again delayed by Izangi, who broke his comb and threw it to the ground, where it became succulent bamboo shoots, which again the hag stopped to eat.

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