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A fierce, savage pig sent by Artemis to ravage the lands of Kalydon, and which caused untold destruction there, until a band of heroes, led by Meleagros, put a stop to its rampaging. In the expedition to hunt down the Boar were people like Theseus, Castor and Pollux, Jason, Peleus, Idas and Lynkeus, Admetos, Ankaeos and Atalante, many of whom later accompanied Jason in the hunt for the Golden Fleece of Kolchis.The Boar was finally slain by the spear of Meleagros, but as Atalante had in fact been the first to wound the animal, the leader of the expedition presented the skin of the Boar as trophy to her. However, on the way home she was robbed of it by the brothers of Meleagros' mother, Althaea.

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