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The trickster god of the Indian tribes resident in the Puget Sound region of Washington. Kwatee and his assistants changed the world from its ancient form into the world we known today. Kwatee was opposed in his plans to change the world, specifically by the giant animal people, such as the Spider, Ant, Beaver and Fox, but the trickster god merely changed them into ordinary animals, then he rubbed his hands over his own body until he made little balls of dirt and sweat, into which he fashioned people, the first Indians.On his wanderings, Kwatee created other people, changing them from dogs and teaching them to use stones as mallets and cutting tools. He also killed the monster living in Lake Quinault. When the cavernous maw of this beast opened to swallow Kwatee's brother and his canoe, the trickster god tossed hot rocks into the lake. The monster boiled in the water, dying and rising to the top of the lake. Slitting the creature's stomach he released his brother, who had changed into the father of hermit crabs.

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