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The dual creator god of the Fon of Dahomey, Mawu-Lisa can be broken down into the male part (Lisa) and the female (Mawu). Their offspring are the vodu, sky gods, who helped Mawu-Lisa create the world. Mawu is associated with the moon, night, fertility, motherhood, gentleness, forgiveness, rest and joy, whereas Lisa is identified with the sun, day, heat, work, power, war, strength and toughness.The cosomology of the Fon has the Earth as floating on the water, while above circle the heavenly bodies on the inner surface of a gourd. The son of Mawu-Lisa, Da the cosmic serpent, helps in ordering the universe;he had coils above the earth, and the same number below. Together these coils support Mawu-Lisa's creation. Other vodu are assigned governorship of other parts of the world:the sky is under the aegis of Heyvoso, the earth the domain of Sakpata, the sea and the waters are the realm of Agbe-naete, while Age has sway over the barren wastes.

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