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In the mythology of the Makoni tribe of Zimbabwe, Mwuetsi was the primeval man, and the moon also. The sky god Maori created him, and gave him a horn filled with ngona oil, setting him to live at the bottom of a lake, but Mwuetsi insisted that he should be allowed live on the earth. When Maori allowed this, Mwuetsi found that the earth was barren and desolate, and he wept aloud. Maori, seeing this, created a woman for Mwuetsi, called Massassi, with whom he lived for two years, and who bore him grasses, bushes and trees. At the end of the two years, however, Massassi left, and Mwuetsi's distress was so great that Maori decided to give him another woman.This was Morongo, and from their union came chickens, sheep, goats, cattle and children. Although Mwuetsi had been warned by Maori that he was soon to die, and instructed not to produce any more children, the first man continued to sleep with his wife, who gave birth to lions, leopards, snakes and scorpions. Morongo developed a relationship with the snake though, and slept with it, while Mwuetsi busied himself with his daughters.

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