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One of the two cultural heroes of the Navaho Indians, with his brother Tobadzistsini he performed many services to his people, the most famous of these being, as related in the last entry above, when the two brothers met the spider woman, Naste estsan, who presented them with two feathers to ward off four dangers which they were to face. Having experienced many adventures, the two brothers finally reached their destination, the house of the sun god, Tsohanoai, where two women wrapped them up and placed them on a shelf. The sun god, returning, demanded to know who dared to call in his absence. His wife cautioned him, but the enraged god dragged the bundles down from the shelf, and proceeded to test the strength of the two brothers, by first throwing them on sharp spikes. Nayenezgani and Tobadzistsini, however, held tightly to the feathers that Naste Estsan had given them, and they suffered no harm.Next, Tsohanoai tried to steam the two brothers, again to no avail, thanks to the spider woman's feathers. Finally, he forced them to taste a smoking-pipe filled with poison, but a caterpillar warned them of the danger and gave them something to put in their mouths. satisfied at last, the sun god acknowledged the two brothers as his sons, and offered them the hospitality of his home.

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