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The daughter of no-one, Pandora was in fact fashioned by Hephaestos from clay, at the direction of Zeus, andinfused by him with incredible beauty, but with also all of the weaknesses and failingsof humans. Athene instructed her in the industrial occupation of women, Aphroditegave her grace of manners, and taught her the arts of beauty, while Hermes tutored her in flattering and soothing, and the Horae and Charites helped to make herirresistable to men.Then Pandora was given to Epimetheus, who, though warned byhis brother Prometheus to accept no gift from Zeus, yielded to the girl's beauty, and married her. Pandora brought with her a vase, whose lid was to remain forever closed, but her husband could not contain his curiosity, and opened it, thus settingfree the evils that have beset mankind ever since. All that remained washope.

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