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God of the sun, and one of the major gods inEgyptian mythology, Ra was represented with a hawk's head, over which was a solardisk. His mother was Neith, and he married Mut. Ra's children were Athor, Mu andMat. From Ra's name comes the word Phrah, which later became translated asPharaoh, thus every Pharaoh was titled as son of the But Ra was the Egyptian creator god, who brought forth the divine pair, Shu and Tefnut, from whoseunion came the earth god Geb and the sky goddess, Nut. Ra's arch-enemy was theserpent Apophis, and it was his son Shu that eventually overcame the dragon. TheEgyptians believed that the struggle between Ra and Apophis took place during the night, when Ra, as the sun god, had to retreat from the heavens. Indeed, even during the day the evil serpent was believed to defy the power of Ra, raising storm clouds inthe sky, in an attempt to obscure the light and power of the sun.

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