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One of the Greek heroes who sought to better himself by informing the river god Asopos of whathe had seen, Zeus carrying of the god's daughter Aegina. Sisyphos put this condition on therelease of his knowledge to the river god:that Asopos would create a spring of water on theparched citadel of Corinth. Asopos did so, and Sisyphos told him what he knew.Zeus, however, was not pleased, and sent the daemon of death to claim the informer, butSisyphos caught him, bound him with strong chains, and held him, so that no-one could die until Ares arrived and broke the chains. Sisyphos was thereafter handed over to the daemon ofdeath, but before leaving for Hades he charged his wife, Merope, not to offer the customary sacrifice to Hades and Persephone.

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