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The greatest hero in Germanic legend, and central character of the Saga of the Volsungs, Sigurd was the son of Sigmund, and inherited the mighty warsword Gram, which Odin had given to Sigmund. Sigurd was tutored in all the arts and sciences by Regin, thebrother of Fafnir the dragon. Regin wished to possess the treasure which his brotherguarded, and to this end forged a great sword for Sigurd, but it broke the first time it was tested, and Sigurd had his father's sword reassembled and reforged, and Gram stood everytest.Sigurd slew Fafnir, and claimed the dragon's treasure as his own, slaying also Regin, whocomplained that since it was his forging of the weapon that had won the victory, the hoardwas his.

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