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Melanesian creator hero, To-Kabinana's adventures and exploits were always for the good of his people, although his brother, To-Karvuvu, always got into trouble. One day To-Kabinana climbed a coconut tree, picked two unripe fruit, threw them down tothe ground, where they split and released two beautiful women. Seeking to emulate his brother, To-Karvuvu also threw down two coconuts, but his landed point down, andhis women were ugly, with flat noses. Another day To-Kabinana carved a fish outof wood and cast it into the sea, where it might live ever after. This grateful fish droveother fish up to the shore, so that To-Kabinana could pick them up and eat them. Impressed, his brother carved a shark and set it in the sea. It, however, did not return the compliment, and To-Kabinana was most annoyed.

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